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Jim Thorpe All-American and More

Jim Thorpe

“He wore America’s Heart over His” – Movie Promotional Subtitle  So sue me. I am a sucker for any sports movie that comes along; even the bad ones. I can trace my love of these movies to a grainy B&W movie I watched as a young boy, “Jim Thorpe All-American.” It was a Warner Brothers release (1951) and it depicted the rise of one of the greatest athletes in our nation’s history. The movie was not “high art,” but to my young eyes it was inspiring, beautiful and ultimately tragic. […]

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Maybe your kid should know about Donte Rumph

I am not an evaluator of potential NFL talent. I am connected through the social media to several scouts and coaches and I am sure they could offer a million insights I lack, but there is something about Donte Rumph’s story that appeals to me. I am not saying Donte’s story will be another “Blind Side” or even a “Rudy!” I don’t know if he is good enough for the NFL, but he believes he is good enough and maybe that is all that is important to this story. Lately […]

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A Sports Ethics Father’s Day Story

I’m an old guy who loves sports. When Chuck Gallagher invited me to join-up with him in this Sports Ethics adventure, my first inclination was to say, “Maybe you should find someone who is not so shopworn.” However, I am inspired by Chuck and his message. He has helped many people. Also, I owe a few things to sports. On this Father’s Day a memory or two comes back to me I feel compelled to share. This isn’t one of those Field of Dreams stories. My dad never played professional […]

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