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The Cutest Hockey Fight Ever?

Mite Hockey Fight

“Hockey without fighting is figure skating.” – An Idiot My go-to hockey guy is a really great guy named “Stan.” He is now approaching 75 and he can still whip your butt. Born in Western Canada, he was on skates at around the age of three. He came up through the various levels and received a full scholarship to play collegiate hockey in the States. He was selected – and ultimately declined – to go into the NHL. As an amateur at the highest levels, he played against powerhouse Soviet […]

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NHL Hockey, Teddy Bears and Securities Fraud


We are fascinated with really rich people in America. We want to see where they live, what they drive, where they travel and what they eat. We roll out red carpets for them, we listen to their advice, we want to dress like them and we often admire their spouses. For those of us who love sports, the richest of the rich, the guys we really admire are often professional team owners. Pick a sport, any sport, and if you love that sport you really want to be like one […]

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Helicopter Parents, Quacks and Jack Johnson’s Bankruptcy

Jack Johnson

There is an ancient piece of rabbinic wisdom that comes to mind with this blog: “A doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient.” I could not agree more. The advice applies as much today as it did a thousand years or more ago. To treat yourself, is egotistical and just a bit unethical. The same might apply to giving ourselves financial advice when we’re not financial people, or much worse, letting people who have no godly idea about finances handle our money for us. What about people […]

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The NHL is Finally Getting It: You Don’t Assault Women!

Slava Voynov

As I write this blog, I can’t help but see the irony. Irony; that’s a fancy word for something totally screwed up. I would use stronger language, but then I would lose a lot of friends and followers. Maybe some of you remember the domestic violence incident last year when Avalanche goalie Semyon Varlomov beat the hell out of his girlfriend by knocking her down with kicks, stomping on her chest and dragging her around the house and out the door for good measure. He was charged with second degree kidnapping and third […]

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Another Kind of Anniversary as the NHL Season Begins

Todd Bertuzzi at Press Conference (2004)

Time passes quickly in sports. We live from season to season and we are sometimes astonished when an old story pops up to remind us that things change. This “news” is about a month old: a settlement was finally reached Steve Moore-Todd Bertuzzi lawsuit. The settlement was more than 10 years in coming and was tried a thousand times by the media and hockey fans the world over.If you have no idea what I am talking about, I will give a very brief summary. We need to go back to […]

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