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The Rams Relocation as an Ethical Question


As is always in good taste, Sports Ethics would first like to send its condolences to the City and people of St. Louis. L.A. fans, I will get to you in a minute but for now, we need to recognize that St. Louis is hurting; not just in a football sense, but in many other ways. Let us also acknowledge that the nonprofit NFL is a big business; a mega-billions business. The NFL has a hierarchy and sitting atop the hierarchy is a group of 32 owners who are very […]

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Maybe your kid should know about Donte Rumph

I am not an evaluator of potential NFL talent. I am connected through the social media to several scouts and coaches and I am sure they could offer a million insights I lack, but there is something about Donte Rumph’s story that appeals to me. I am not saying Donte’s story will be another “Blind Side” or even a “Rudy!” I don’t know if he is good enough for the NFL, but he believes he is good enough and maybe that is all that is important to this story. Lately […]

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Sports Ethics: Phillip Buchanon and his Financial Journey

Phillip Buchanon

Normally, I don’t get involved with book reviews, but I would like to read Phillip Buchanon’s book because the subject addresses an area on Sports Ethics that is vitally important to every athlete and coach: money. The title of the book is: New Money: Staying Rich, and he addresses the pressures, the challenges and the pitfalls of suddenly coming into a lot of money – then trying to keep it. He was drafted in 2002, and when signing with the Oakland Raiders, received $12 million. While 2002 isn’t exactly ancient […]

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Ralph Wilson and the Meaning of Sports Ethics

Ralph Wilson

Some of you are diehard Buffalo Bills fans and some of you cringe and groan at the mere mention of their name. I get that; that’s what fans do. However, I believe that whether you like the team, are neutral about them or hate them, you have got to give a nod to the life and legacy of Ralph Wilson. Aside from George Halas, the man who owned the Chicago Bears for 63 years, Ralph Wilson had the second longest tenure, owning the Bills for 54. Ralph, a WWII veteran […]

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