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More Gender Bias in Sports

More often than not, we are confronted with gender stereotypes in sports that do a major disservice to both men and women. It has again happened this week. For example, there are those who put on the blinders and say, “Well, the PED controversy applies to men, of course. Women could care less about that kind of stuff.” I need only mention the tragic case of track star Marion Jones or Boston Marathon winner Rita Jeptoo who was banned 2 years for PED’s and just the day before yesterday, Olympic champion […]

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Haters, Big People and Serena Williams

We are now in a world of Hashtags and Emoticons. I, for one, am happy. For way too long, the # symbol was neglected on our keyboards, so now we can celebrate its use. Sort of like the guy resigned to his fifth season in Double-A who unexpectedly goes on a 50 game hitting streak and makes it to the big leagues. It happens. Not often, but it happens. Look what happened to the “@” symbol! The # symbol, as any loyal Twitter user knows, puts you in company with […]

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Pete Rose and the Time Bomb

We have an exercise we play at Sports Ethics, though it is hardly a game. We take a famous sports scandal, sometimes going back 75 years or more and we analyze it from an ethical perspective. In fact, we are coming out with a book on the topic in about six months. However, the intention of this blog is not to promote a book, but to mourn in a sense, arguably one of the greatest infielders who has ever lived. When we analyze a sports scandal, we go back and […]

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Poor Ethics on the International Tennis Scene

There’s an old saying…well, not really, I just made it up: “If you can’t beat someone at a sport, come out with a dumbass comment that insults them.” I guess that saying pretty much sums up Russian Tennis Federation president Shamil Tarpischev. According to an article (October 18, 2014) sent out on ESPN news services entitled: “Shamil Tarpischev fined, banned year,” we learn that: “Russian Tennis Federation President Shamil Tarpischev has been fined $25,000 by the WTA Tour and suspended from tour involvement for a year for questioning Serena and Venus […]

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