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First Amendment & Fools on Twitter

“Curt’s tweet was completely unacceptable, and in no way represents our company’s perspective,” ESPN said in a statement. In his classes and talks on ethics to those in both the sports world and corporate world, Chuck Gallagher, president of Sports Ethics LLC, routinely includes discussions on the social media. There are millions of ways to ruin a career especially in sports where the window is so narrow. One of the easiest things to do is to say something really dumb on the social media. Among athletes, Twitter is the fool’s […]

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Haters, Big People and Serena Williams

We are now in a world of Hashtags and Emoticons. I, for one, am happy. For way too long, the # symbol was neglected on our keyboards, so now we can celebrate its use. Sort of like the guy resigned to his fifth season in Double-A who unexpectedly goes on a 50 game hitting streak and makes it to the big leagues. It happens. Not often, but it happens. Look what happened to the “@” symbol! The # symbol, as any loyal Twitter user knows, puts you in company with […]

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Sports Ethics Minute: Curt Schilling Sticks Up for His Daughter

The Schillings

Curt Schilling has taken a social media stance for his daughter – it is about time that someone in sports stood up for what is right in regard the social media. If you haven’t heard the story, let me skip to the basic details. Curt Schilling’s daughter Gabby, inherited her father’s pitching skills; she is so good that last year she pitched in the USSSA Girls Fastpitch World Series. She got accepted into Salve Regina University for their Seahawks fastpitch team. If you are a parent, or have a niece […]

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A Twitter Fight Brandon Marshall Cannot Win

Brandon Marshall

About 10 days ago, the Chicago Bears lost a game to the Green Bay Packers. When they lost, their record put them below the Detroit Lions. It should have ended there. It didn’t. As fans sometimes do, a Detroit Lions fan sent out a tweet to Chicago’s Brandon Marshall. He called Marshall a b***h. OK, I’m going to lose it over that if I am Brandon Marshall. Then the “fan” went on to call Marshall’s mother a whore. When Marshall saw the tweet, he challenged the fan to a fight […]

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Paul George versus Twitter versus Free Speech

Paul George

In America we still have the right to free speech, and hopefully, we still have the right to our own thoughts but these rights may come with consequences. In an article by Michael Klopman for The Huffington Post (September 11, 2014) entitled: “Paul George Tweeted Some Controversial Comments On Ray Rice Case,” the writer states: “Indiana Pacers superstar Paul George had some controversial thoughts on the Ray Rice domestic violence situation and decided to post them on his Twitter page.” Rather than post the usual Twitter screen shots let me […]

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