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Jim Thorpe All-American and More

Jim Thorpe

“He wore America’s Heart over His” – Movie Promotional Subtitle  So sue me. I am a sucker for any sports movie that comes along; even the bad ones. I can trace my love of these movies to a grainy B&W movie I watched as a young boy, “Jim Thorpe All-American.” It was a Warner Brothers release (1951) and it depicted the rise of one of the greatest athletes in our nation’s history. The movie was not “high art,” but to my young eyes it was inspiring, beautiful and ultimately tragic. […]

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FCC Mulls Banning Redskins: Fix the Economy Instead

Protest Redskins Name

I need to say something from an ethical point of view before launching into this blog. I also need to re-state an opinion so I am consistent. Some of you will not like my position and that’s OK; we can agree to disagree and remain as friends. The Washington Redskins name is offensive, anachronistic and needs to be changed. I understand that the majority of Redskins “fans” like it and support it, along with Dan Synder the owner, and an entourage of traditionalists. I also know that Native Americans loathe […]

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Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garçon: Ethical Good Guy

Pierre Garcon

 With all of the recent negative publicity about players in the NFL, it is always easy to lose sight of the fact that good things and good people exist in the league. As our friends and followers know, we like to award Chuck’s Sports Ethics Good Guy Award every month or so, and this month, we’re happy to make our “presentation” to Pierre Garçon of the Washington Redskins. To understand the gesture we must first introduce you to Juwaan Espinal, a 17 year-old student at Centreville High School in Northern Virginia. Juwaan […]

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It was “just a name” for your people too


We live in a strange time, and sometimes an inconsistent time. We live in a more “correct” time I suppose, but sometimes a very hypocritical time. A new poll was released today (September 2, 2014), and though the numbers change just a bit from news story to news story, it still appears as though the majority favor the name Redskins as a team name. Before I head into the waters of disagreement I need to make it clear that I have not seen the raw market research data. I am […]

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Nice Try and all That, But Change the Name Already

Though I travel the country quite a bit, as I live in South Carolina, I generally cheer for the Carolina Panthers. A good friend of mine likes the Buffalo Bills and another likes the Green Bay Packers. As I begin this blog, I need to stress that in my reading and internet surfing I have not uncovered one letter of protest from a panther, anyone named “Bill,” or any butchers or meatpackers in regard to having football teams take on their names or professions. However, many people who claim indigenous […]

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