Time to de-flate the rowboat

This blog will begin with an old, old story, told to me when I was a kid – which was a long time ago.

RowboatTwo guys of very little means, were also avid fishermen. One fine day, while passing a department store window, they happened to see a really sweet row boat. It was beautiful and just the thing to let them row out to where the big fish hid. They put together a plan. They would dress in greasy overalls and work boots, walk into the store like they owned it, and take the row boat like they were workers sent up from the window display department.

…And that’s exactly what they did. They made it off the show floor and into the freight elevator, took the elevator one level down into the loading dock area, and as cool as the other side of the pillow they loaded the boat into their rickety pick-up and started to drive away.

“Oh @#$%!” one of them said, “We forgot the *&&^%# oars!”

They went back into the store, grabbed the oars, and were promptly arrested by store security.

With all due respect to the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, the two employees who seem to have disappeared and all of you Patriots fans, it would have been far better to leave the oars and just go fishing.

No, you are not bigger than the NFL

I did not know about the destruction of the phone until yesterday. In willfully destroying, or having an aide destroy the phone, and hence the records Tom Brady knew the NFL wanted, it placed a cloud over this investigation that is now hard to shake. The phone is very much like the oars. The cloud got thicker and heavier.

No, Tom Brady was under no legal obligation to turn over the phone, but he knew that the NFL wanted it. Tom said he routinely destroys his smartphones, but the timing was right after his meeting with the NFL.

I have heard stories that he had tens of thousands of text messages; so does my 14 year old niece. I have heard stories that it was some kind of security issue. Alright then, the NFL has a market value of about $48 billion. I am quite sure that Brady could have handed the SIM Card to an armed security team for analysis and safe-keeping. The NFL, I am absolutely positive, would have given him a replacement phone if Tom were unable to afford a new one. It didn’t go down that way. The phone is destroyed and lost. Maybe it is with those employees.

Some journalists have talked about how Tom Brady is too good for the NFL, and how this could lead to some kind of civil war. Dial it back, please. Stop it.

Tom Brady is an employee of one team, and there are 31 other teams. The 31 are anxious to start training camps. There will be no civil war. Oh yes, the NFL has made a lot of people rich even richer, like Tom Brady. The rich people have businesses to run.

In not too long, we will have presidential primaries and not long after, we will elect a new president. Republican or Democrat, the change will happen peacefully, without a civil war, because there is too damn much at stake for any other outcome. The NFL pre-season will soon be upon us; life will go on in the NFL because there is too damn much at stake for any other outcome. The Patriots organization knows that too.

Patriot’s fans are very loyal and passionate about this issue – and they should be. It is their team. However, there are 31 other teams and each has a passionate fan base and frankly, a lot of them are getting tired of all this drama.

Many fans have no use for Roger Goodell, but he is just the figure-head; a lot of people at the NFL worked to produce the report. Stop with the rhetoric about how those who wrote the report were clueless. They are working stiffs like you. They sell rowboats all day long.

Earlier, I was reading a quote by Robert Kraft who said he should have fought harder; Bill Belichick was angry and petulant when questioned, Tom Brady said he will fight this to the end. It is America, he can do that, but the waters are getting deeper and a wind is picking up.

This scandal, if you can call it that, has been downright stupid, but the posturing is even more pointless. What do the words mean after all that has transpired? Why didn’t you guys fight it then? Why are you so petulant now? What is the end? Why was the evidence destroyed?

Why did you come back for the oars?

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