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Ray Rice is Looking Better

Ray Rice

Please forgive us for not spending half this post re-hashing all of the details of the Ray Rice domestic violence incident. Anyone with a room temperature IQ and a sense of right and wrong understands what he did was wrong. We don’t speculate on whether his skills qualify him for a return to football on athletic merit. We don’t know. Chuck lectures, consults and trains others on the topics of sports ethics; he doesn’t keep stats on “40 times” and production/productivity. We don’t know if Rice will ever wear a […]

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Ethical Comedy in the “D” League

As I sit here pecking away at my laptop, the Rio Grande Valley Vipers are currently riding atop the Central Division of the D-League (NBA Development League) with a 10 – 2 record. The team, part of the Houston organization is responsible for the development of promising players that could eventually feed into Rockets at the next level. Looks like they’re coming along pretty good. The D-League is new and the Vipers only go back to the 2007-2008 season, but the league is already having an impact in player development […]

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