Speaker Chuck Gallagher: Delivering Sports Ethics Presentations They’ll Remember When It Counts


Sports ethics training has never been more necessary. As we see almost every day in the news, bad ethics and conduct can destroy athletic careers and bring entire organizations to their knees.

Nationally recognized ethics speaker Chuck Gallagher helps athletes, coaches and associations understand the importance of ethical choices and developing good character. He provides actionable, time-proven methods for avoiding ethical traps and making the right decisions—especially in “clutch moments.”

What makes Chuck’s sports ethics speaking so impactful? He shares real life experience—not theoretical examples that are easily forgotten and not relatable. Participants connect with his upfront, honest and fun approach.The result? Sports ethics training that actually sticks… and that they’ll remember when it counts the most.


Chuck’s Sports Ethics Programs

Professional Sports Programs- SportsEthics.com
Professional Sports Programs
Train Your Athletes to Guard Their Reputations… and Yours
Collegiate Athletic Programs- SportsEthics.com
Collegiate Athletic Programs
Help Your Athletes Protect Their Futures… and Your School’s Reputation
Sports Association Programs- SportsEthics.com
Sports Association Programs
Prepare Your Association for Ethical Challenges and Increased Scrutiny.
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Chuck is also happy to create custom presentations. Please contact us if you have any questions or specific requests.

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