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Help Your Athletes Protect Their Futures – and Your Team’s Reputation – With Collegiate Sports Ethics Training

Collegiate athletics bring their own unique sports ethics challenges. It’s usually off the field behavior and bad choices that affect college athletes and coaches, rather than anything they do on the field. Bullying. Hazing. Inappropriate text messages and photos on social media. The list goes on and on.

Adding to the challenge, young collegiate athletes may not fully grasp the long-term consequences of their bad conduct. And these consequences can be devastating:

  • Bad press
  • Lawsuits
  • Loss of athletic eligibility due to Code of Conduct violations
  • Suspensions of players, coaches… even an entire athletic program
  • Loss of revenue from ticket sales and alumni donations
    and, worst of all…

  • Damage to the reputation and proud tradition of not just your athletic program, but your entire university or college
  • Promising careers cut short before they even begin

It’s time to be proactive –not reactive – about collegiate sports ethics issues. Now more than ever, collegiate athletes, their coaches and administrations need to understand the ethical challenges they face.

Sports Ethics, led by nationally recognized ethics speaker Chuck Gallagher, has the ethics training programs every college or university needs. These highly customized, one-of-a-kind programs are exclusive to Sports Ethics LLC.

Ethics training programs specifically for collegiate programs – regardless of Division or Conference – are not easy to find… especially from an outside, highly experienced perspective. Chuck brings real life experience, plus years of experience helping others understand the importance of ethical choices.

His collegiate sports ethics presentations are fun, informative and very “real life.”

Training Options

One-Time Presentation

Chuck will come in and present to your team on one of the professional sports ethics topics listed below. We can also customize a presentation to meet your specific needs (for example, to reinforce your league’s Code of Conduct or Ethics). Chuck’s presentation will engage and challenge your team members and put key ethical issues top-of-mind.

Quarterly Program

As with any kind of training – from free throw practice to agility drills – repetition is key. Chuck will come in quarterly to present to your team about key issues. The goal is for players to develop “ethical muscle memory”—so they’ll make the correct ethical decision naturally and instinctively when they’re in a “clutch moment.”

Collegiate Sports Ethics Presentation Topics

Sports Ethics for Collegiate Athletes: Common Sense Choices for Changing Sports Times

Ethically speaking, times have never changed so rapidly in the world of sports as they are changing now. “Traps” are everywhere and the opportunity to make mistakes has never been greater.

Monday Morning Ethics: Looking Backward for Forward-Thinking Lessons

Unfortunately, Collegiate Athletes, coaches and others involved in the world of sports have been involved in serious scandals over the past 50 years. This program will review 7 famous sports scandals from an ethical perspective in a lively, fun and valuable format where participation is encouraged.


Collegiate Athlete's Choices: Negative Consequences or Positive Results

Negative Consequences or Positive ResultsChoices matter! Bad ethical behavior and a lack of safe-guards can bring a Collegiate Athlete or his or her entire team to its knees. Bad choices can destroy careers, remove credibility, bring lawsuits and negative publicity and ultimately result in a loss of revenues for everyone involved – including those athletes turning pro.


The Three-Legged Stool: Why Good Athletes Make Bad Choices...

Good Athletes Bad ChoicesAnd How to Prevent Them From Happening
In terms of ethics, Collegiate Athletics must stand on three strong legs, like those old oak stools that always found their way into the training room! When one or all of the legs are broken the stool can’t stand.


Social Media: Protecting Collegiate Athletes From Themselves

Collegiate Athlete have tremendous power. They do not only speak for themselves, but for the entire organization. Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools are great for keeping us connected. However, the social media is not private. This is especially true of materials that have even been re-tweeted that contain insensitive, violent, explicit, highly political, bullying or otherwise controversial content.  Once something is put out into cyberspace, it does not go away.


Private Sports Ethics Consulting

Chuck Gallagher is often called upon for individualized ethics consulting. He has worked with hundreds of people on an extremely confidential basis to address sensitive ethical needs and concerns. Please call us for details.

Give your collegiate athletes and coaches the ethical training they need to protect their future careers… and your good reputation. Contact us at (828) 244-1400 to schedule now.

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