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Protect the Future and Reputation of Your Association With Sports Ethics Training

Sports ethics problems aren’t limited to bad player behavior on pro sports teams. Now more than ever, sports associations are in peril. Not only is the legal climate changing, but many societal issues have shifted. Sports association executives at every level are undergoing heightened scrutiny. You must be prepared for what is ahead.

Sports Ethics, led by nationally recognized ethics speaker Chuck Gallagher, offers one-of-a-kind ethics training programs to benefit everyone in your organization. Ethics programs designed for athletic association and conference executives are not easy to find… especially from an outside, highly experienced perspective. Chuck brings real life experience, plus years of experience helping others understand the importance of ethical choices. His sports ethics presentations are insightful, engaging, and most of all, relevant.


We are pleased to create custom presentations for annual, regional and special meetings. Please contact us if you have questions or specific requests.

Association Sports Ethics Presentation Topics

Sports Ethics for Associations: Common Sense Choices for Changing Sports Times

Ethically speaking, times have never changed so rapidly in the world of sports as they are changing now. “Traps” are everywhere and the opportunity to make mistakes has never been greater. This course is intended to teach association executives…..

Monday Morning Ethics: Looking Backward for Forward-Thinking Lessons

Unfortunately, associations, athletes, coaches and others involved in the world of sports have been involved in serious scandals over the past 50 years. This program will review 7 famous sports scandals from an ethical perspective in a lively and valuable question and answer format.


Association Choices: Negative Consequences or Positive Results

Choices matter! Bad ethical behavior and a lack of safe-guards can bring an athletic conference or an association to its knees. Bad choices can destroy careers, remove credibility, bring lawsuits and negative publicity and ultimately result in a loss of revenues.


The Three-Legged Stool: Why Good People Make Bad Choices...

And How to Prevent Them From HappeningAssociation ethics must stand on three strong legs, like those old oak stools that always found their way into the training room! When one or all of the legs are broken the stool can’t stand.


Social Media: Protecting Associations From Themselves

An association executive has tremendous power. He or she does not only speak for themselves, but often for the entire organization. Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools are great for keeping us connected. However, the social media is far from private.


Private Sports Ethics Consulting

Chuck Gallagher is often called upon for individualized ethics consulting. He has worked with hundreds of people on an extremely confidential basis to address sensitive ethical needs and concerns. Please call us for details.

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