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What’s a Coach to Do? Teach Ethics!

Stan Van Gundy

News flash: star players are treated differently than bench sitters. If we have surprised you with that observation, please let us know. In fact, we have a bridge we’d like to sell you along with a classic Ford Pinto and a case of White Coke. As for the news flash, no matter your game of choice, the star player almost always gets star treatment. Is it fair? Depends of course; always depends, and we’re not talking adult diapers. Teams and leagues often peg their status to the exceptional human beings who […]

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On Rick Pitino and Ethical Leadership

Rick Pitino

It comes from the top down, and it’s either important to a head coach and his or her assistants – or it’s not. I am not talking about the “Will to Win,” or “Teamwork.” I am talking about ethical leadership. At Louisville, and in regard to the sex parties and strip shows for players and recruits in the basketball program, ethical leadership had been non-existent. Rick Pitino is on the hot seat and that’s the way it should be. He is the head basketball coach and the leader and he […]

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Did We Make Larry Brown or Did He Make Us?

It is a simple enough question, made even more bittersweet by the fact that his latest sanction has occurred at SMU; a school with a tragic history, albeit football rather than basketball. Now SMU has been banned from any possibility of tournament play in 2016 and Coach Larry Brown has been suspended for nine games. They have also lost nine scholarship slots as well. Writers and analysts, including Dick Vitale are asking if it is time for Coach Brown to hang up his whistle and clipboard and head off into […]

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More Gender Bias in Sports

More often than not, we are confronted with gender stereotypes in sports that do a major disservice to both men and women. It has again happened this week. For example, there are those who put on the blinders and say, “Well, the PED controversy applies to men, of course. Women could care less about that kind of stuff.” I need only mention the tragic case of track star Marion Jones or Boston Marathon winner Rita Jeptoo who was banned 2 years for PED’s and just the day before yesterday, Olympic champion […]

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NCAA Finals: Ethical Photoshop

The Finals

We want perfection in our society, but we don’t always want to know how the perfection was gained. For example, we may believe that certain actors or singers we admire are perfect. Some of us get offended when we see “unauthorized” close-ups or see Photoshop fails; as if our illusions are shattered when we learn that life is not perfect. We blame the technology. We blame those that access the technology. I have known actors and singers in my lifetime. They are people; they are not perfect; they are often […]

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Sports Ethics Minute: Syracuse University Blames NCAA for What?

Jim Boeheim

The dust is settling on the Syracuse basketball scandal. There’s a lot of posturing and finger-pointing as Jim Boeheim has gone from the bench to the hot seat. To all of the Syracuse fans out there; from the 90-year old alumni to the 1-year old whose great-grandpa just gave him a T-shirt, let me start with one strong point of agreement: Boeheim is a great coach. He wins games and he gets the most out of the talent of his players. I get that part of it and part of […]

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“I don’t have any comment on that.” But we do.

Former Blue Devils basketball player Rasheed Sulaimon was kicked off the team in January 2015 by Coach Mike Krzyzewski. According to ESPN (March 3, 2015): “Krzyzewski dismissed Sulaimon from the team Jan. 29, saying the junior guard ‘repeatedly struggled to meet the necessary obligations.’ Sulaimon is the first player dismissed from Duke’s team under Krzyzewski. According to the report, published Monday in the Chronicle, the Duke student newspaper, Sulaimon was accused of sexual assault by two women, who told others of the incidents but did not file complaints with Duke’s […]

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Strong Need for Sports Ethics Training: Indiana U. Basketball

Indiana University Basketball

In late breaking news reported by Zach Osterman for USA Today Sports (November 1, 2014), “Indiana’s Devin Davis hit by car driven by teammate,” we learn that: “Indiana sophomore forward Devin Davis was injured in an accident with a car driven by teammate Emmitt Holt early Saturday morning, according to a news release from the program. Davis is currently listed in serious condition… Holt, 18, had a blood alcohol level of 0.025, according to the release. He was cited for illegal consumption and operating a vehicle with a BAC above […]

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Bad Consequences: DII Basketball Player, Scott Bruxvoort

Scott Bruxvoort

Collegiate athletes for Division I schools are usually the targets for negativity and bad press, while Division II schools (and lower), with their pretty campuses, quaint names and cuddly mascots are often portrayed as places where only good student athletes go to school. We know that stereotype is not true, just as we should also know that poor choices and bad consequences can happen most anywhere. Multiple news sources have just released information on an NCAA Division II basketball player from Quincy University, a school of about 1,200 that plays […]

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