The Price of Poor Ethics: Rory versus Tiger

Tiger Woods

Darren Rovell, the excellent Sports Business reporter for wrote an interesting article on the current marketability of golfer Rory McIlroy verses Tiger Woods. Rovell quotes a Sports Business Daily survey of 43 marketing firms. Tiger now ranks third in marketability behind McIlroy and Rickie Fowler. Justification and complication There are many possible arguments in place for why Tiger has slipped. He is older, that is true, so he doesn’t appeal as much to a younger generation. He was injured and had surgery. His skills have slipped, and it’s no […]

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Cameron Tringale: Chuck’s Sports Ethics Hero Award

“Realizing that there could be the slightest doubt that the swing over the ball should have been recorded as a stroke, I spoke with the PGA of America and shared with them my conclusion that the stroke should have been recorded.” It was with great interest that I read a Bleacher Report article by Tyler Conway (August 17, 2014) on golfer Cameron Tringale entitled, “Cameron Tringale Confesses to PGA Championship Error, Loses More Than $50, 000.” According to the article: “Tringale, 26, claims to have missed a stroke when attempting […]

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