Sports Ethics for Collegiate Athletes

The Social Media – Protecting Collegiate Athletes from Themselves

Collegiate Athletes have tremendous power. They do not only speak for themselves, but for the entire organization. Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools are great for keeping us connected. However, the social media is not private. This is especially true of materials that have even been re-tweeted that contain insensitive, violent, explicit, highly political, bullying or otherwise controversial content.  Once something is put out into cyberspace, it does not go away.

Collegiate Athletes on Social Media

This program will teach Collegiate Athletes on ethical considerations relating to the following important issues. The course is fun, highly relevant and very real life:

  • Proper handling of the social media, especially when confronted with negativity.
  • 7 cases where it is best for Collegiate Athletes to “put down the device or computer.”
  • Cases where you must ethically respond.
  • The future of social media and how it will affect Collegiate Athletes and conferences.

We are pleased to introduce issues relevant to your organization and to discuss the challenges and opportunities these issues may bring. Please contact us with any questions or requests.

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