Monday Morning Ethics Book

Monday Morning Ethics

Beyond The Rules of The Game: How One Choice Could Have Changed Sports History

by Chuck Gallagher and Bruce H. Wolk

Suppose Pete Rose never bet on baseball or Harding never planned a beat-down on Kerrigan? What if Paterno had thrown Sandusky out of the locker room many years “before” or A-Rod had walked away from BALCO?

Chuck Gallagher, America’s leading sports ethics expert, wrote the breakthrough book Monday Morning Ethics to show just how some of the biggest sports scandals could have been avoided by just one good choice. Monday Morning Ethics is a must read book for anyone who cares about sports, personal choices and playing the game the right way.

No sports book has ever, anywhere has been written like Monday Morning Ethics. National Sports Ethics speaker, radio host, consultant and president of Sports Ethics LLC,  Chuck Gallagher rips apart several of the most famous sports scandals over the past 70 years. He looks at famous sports figures, coaches, agents and others who got into trouble or faded away because they made one wrong choice.

This is not a boring textbook but real-life stuff. Chuck gets inside each sports scandal, answering tough questions with honest and keeping-it-real answers. Each outrageous or shameful scandal has been carefully selected. Each scandal shows that no matter if amateur or professional, Little League or Major League, Olympic pairs skating or the NHL, good ethics is essential in sports.

Chuck demonstrates that Sports Ethics can make the difference between being a hero and a bum; between having success and being a joke.

Monday Morning Ethics has already gained recognition for its unusual approach to what has traditionally been a dry subject.

  • Monday Morning Ethics will help you understand that when an athlete, coach, association or even a parent, makes an unethical decision off the field, it has a long-term effect far beyond the game.
  • Monday Morning Ethics will help you take better control of your life by understanding that good choices produce positive results.
  • Monday Morning Ethics is a fantastic teaching tool whether you are a coach, parent, administrator or trainer, that every action has a consequence – so make it a good one.

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